A Sweet Alternative to a Bouquet of Flowers

A Sweet Alternative to a Bouquet of FlowersDiana Avolio and Michelle Chilton have recently opened the Candy Bouquet, which is the place to go for people who love flowers and have a nagging sweet tooth.

Avolio said, “I was looking on the Internet for a home-based business and came across the Candy Bouquet. We decided instead of starting it from a home front, we would start it from a store front.”

Customers of the shop can find anything to satisfy their sweet-tooth – loose candy, sugar-free candy, balloons and the ultimate favourite, candy bouquets.

Avolio explains the idea, “You make the bouquet look like a bouquet of flowers. You can take a piece of candy off the bouquet and it still looks like a beautiful bouquet.”

This is truly a unique idea, business was fairly heavy for the shop over the Valentine’s season, but now things have slowed down. Though they are likely to pick up with the arrival of the Easter season.

The slogan of the shop is: “A delicious alternative to flowers.”

When asked about the success of the store Avolio said, “We have a lot of people coming in, and they’re liking it because it’s something different.”

[Via: uticaOD.com]

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