A Rainbow of Orchids in the Middle of Winter

A Rainbow of Orchids in the Middle of Winter

In Korea this is the time of the year when it is not hard to spot an orchid or two. You will often see deliverymen running in and out of buildings, dropping off orchids as gifts for people that have been promoted or given new workplaces.

This tradition, of giving orchids has a long history — orchids have been a symbol of integrity in this country for many generations. They also represent the “uncompromising spirit of the scholar.” Korea is one country that is especially fond of this flower for these reasons.

Yeo Dong-gyu, the representative for Seonhwa Farm says, “Owners of most orchid plantations are busiest when Korean companies and major government bodies reshuffle their personnel.” He added that dates for corporate affairs are also an important time for orchid merchants. “That’s when owners put their plants out for sale.”

[Via: JoongAngDaily]

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