A Huge Garden on a Tiny Budget

A Huge Garden on a Tiny Budget

Ellen Tommasi built her garden on a little more than a shoestring budget. She started with a plot of grass, which she has been working with since 1981. Before that she travelled a lot with her husband and this was her way of getting grounded.

She has a fairly large plot of land, but the beginnings of her garden were very meager as they did not have a lot of money to spare at that time.

Tommasi got her hands on the plants she wanted by trading her plants or through the generous gifts of other gardeners. She got really lucky when her daughter started to work at L.A. Reynolds, where Tommasi received many of the plants that would have otherwise been thrown out.

She spent very little money on buying fertilizer as she had a compost tumbler in the back of her garden which worked just as well as any store-bought fertilizer. This is how she ended up only spending money on mulch and some seeds…

[Via: JournalNow.com]

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