A Gardener's Favourite – the Daisy


Daisies remind of the freshness of spring and summer, their white petals can remind us only of this.

They are a favourite among perennials, Shasta daisies are at their blooming peak at this time of year. They were created in 1890 by Luther Burbank, who gave them their name after Mount Shasta, found them close to his home.

Daisies are in fact a type of chrysanthemum. The name of this flower comes from Old English, “day’s eye,” which refers to the way these flowers open and close with sunshine.

These are some of the easiest flowers to grow and they offer plenty of blooms. A bit of deadheading is needed to bring out their maximum during the growing season. Daisies are good for bouquets containing only this type of flower, and they have been known to make other types of flower wilt.

[Via: examiner.com]

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