A Flower that can make it Through the Dog Days

In very hot climates not many flowers are putting on a show. August is usually the worst month, where only the annuals really give their best. This does not mean that there aren’t any perennials and shrubs that can give you colour and blooms in your garden.

perennial hibiscus

The pernnial hibiscus is excellent for toughing it out during the really hot days. Strangely enough, it is not as well known as the tropical hibiscus, even though that flower is much more sensitive to changes in the weather.

The perennial hibiscus grows to quite a formidable size, having more impact in the garden, filling it with more colour. This flower grows to a height of about six to eight feet, and the flowers are truly breathtaking.

This hibiscus needs lots of sunshine and regular watering is necessary when the weather turns extremely hot.

They do need to be fertilized at least a couple of times during the growing season.

In areas that have been invaded by Japanese beetles, you may not have much luck with the hardy hibiscus, only the Hibiscus coccineus, is able to resist these pesky bugs.

But otherwise you should be alright, a few perennial hibiscus plants in some parts of your yard will make a world of a difference when things get hot in your garden.

[Via: csmonitor.com]

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