A Few Things to do in the Garden Next Weekend

You may not know what to do next weekend in your garden; here are some tips on some of the more important tasks you’ll find next weekend.

gardeningMany people think that the best solution to snail and slug problems in the garden is to use chemicals. There are some crazy gardeners that will go out with a flashlight and a brick to kill these pests with their bare hands. This may seem strange but the reason for this is that though slugs can be killed with chemical controls — snails are impossible to get rid of this way. So take some time to be a crazy gardener and take control of your garden pests on your own.

You may find that you have to feed your garden, or that it’s already taking on a yellow shade. Now is the time to start spreading fertilizer. For those that have spreader this is an easy task, but the most important thing is to keep it spread out evenly. If your fertilizer is spread out in clumps some of the grass will be overfed and will burn out. Spraying selective weed killers is also a good idea.

The soft shoots of clematis need to be tucked in behind their supports, and the more rampant shrubs need to be trimmed.

Your pulmonarias, bergenias, and brunnera may already have spent flowers or shabby foliage which needs to be cut off. The foliage of your pulmonaria might be getting mildewed; it should be cut off as it will grow back soon.

[Via: Times Online]

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