A Dead Flower Causing a lot of Trouble

A Dead Flower Causing a lot of Trouble

You would never think that weeding out a dead flower could get you in any trouble. But recently, a woman was threatened with arrest for theft and criminal damage after she pulled out a dead flower from a council-owned border.

Angie Summers, 43, was just taking her lunch break when she decided to pull out a withered canna lily in a nearby public square. She felt that the flower was ruining the look of the display — the flower was about 18 inches in height and very dead.

Later, Mrs Summers was shocked to get a phone call from the police at her home – a passer-by had reported seeing her pick the flower to the town council.

The officer threatened to “put her in cells” and made her very aware of the fact that she could be prosecuted for theft and criminal damage. This type of charge can lead to a six-month prison term.

The charge was eventually dropped by the Wiltshire police, when they admitted that she had acted with good intentions…

[Via: Daily Mail]

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