A Breath of Italy at the Philadelphia Flower Show

A Breath of Italy at the Philadelphia Flower Show

The Philadelphia Flower Show is changing things up a little even in these tough economic times.

This years show is to be held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, the theme is going to be “Bella Italia.” Retail space is being added to the elaborate flower displays and the overflowing horticultural marketplace. Most importantly, the show is to promote the museum exhibits related to Italy, soon to open in Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art and The Franklin science museum have collaborated to advertise the show, both are advertising the show in their lobbies with banner and flowers.

Leaders of art and culture in the city, came up with the idea to, “bring visitors to Philadelphia and bring Philadelphia to the world’s attention” especially when the economy is doing so poorly.

The show has been put on annually by The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, since 1829. It is one of the biggest indoor flower shows in the world. Nearly 250,000 visitors attend the show, which covers about 10 acres within the convention center.

The vistas and the lush gardens of northern and central Italy have been recreated. There is also a replica of an Italian piazza, where Italian products like wine, Vespas and suits can be bought.

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