A Bit of Paradise in London


If you are looking for gift ideas, these drab winter days are unlikely to give you much inspiration. But this is the time of year when you can never go wrong with giving tropical flowers like the bird-of-paradise. If you live in London, Flowers24hours.co.uk, can help you with getting this flower just anywhere in the city the same day you order it. This type of gift can really be a quick pick-me-up, for just about any occasion.

The bird-of-paradise is a very popular flower and often used in arrangements. It is deserving of this popularity as it is truly eye-catching with its vivid colours. As it is a tropical plant it is only kept indoors in the North. In South Africa, the home of this flower, it is known as the crane plant, and truly holds some resemblance to the bird.

This is an excellent flower for gift giving as it lasts a fairly long time in flower arrangements, with minimal care.

If you want an arrangement that is artistic and modern, possibly for an office or business, the Anubis arrangement is an excellent choice. The simple yet eye-catching arrangement is sure to impress.

The Birds-of-Paradise, arrangement adheres to its name. This arrangement really focuses on the flower itself, several stalks are beautifully arranged in a sleek vase. This is a great way of giving the gift of the tropics, it is an arrangement that can give warmth to the home or the office.

Another great arrangement to show off the flower itself is the Birds of Paradise arrangement, which really shows how the flowers can look like birds in flight. The simple vase provided shows of the plant in all its beauty.

If you want to give someone a gift with style and simplicity, there is no better gift than the Exotic Love arrangement. Stunning greenery is hand picked by florists, to show off and act as a contrast to this tropical flower. The vase is beautifully hand-wrapped bringing the best out of this bloom.

The contrasting purples, greens and oranges of the Strelitzia arrangement, are sure to leave an impression and heat up the room.

Once the flower has been delivered it should be kept in a warm and well-lit place, to make sure that it lasts as long as possible. All of the previously mentioned arrangements are available for flower delivery in London, and can be delivered the same day you order them. If you can send someone to warm tropical beaches, why not send a bit of the exotic to them?

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