A Beautiful Flower Indoors

Dutch AmaryllisThe Dutch amaryllis is one of the most spectacular flowers that can be grown indoors. It usually grows to a height of about two feet, with a bright green leaves. The bloom of this flower is trumpet-shaped, grows to six-inches, and grows in brilliantly coloured clusters. This flower also grows twice in a season, and is usually found in tropical places — hence, December is its natural growing season.

Amaryllis comes in pink, white, salmon, striped red on white. There is also a variety called “Red Lion” that has a deep, rich, velvet red, which is a classic for the holiday season. “Vera” has a warm salmon-pink colour with a white base. “Apple blossom” is a white flower with a pink blush, “Minerva” is red with a star in its center, and the pure white variety is called “White Christmas.”

The Dutch Amaryllis bloom from December to April, and the best time to plant them is between November and February. This Amaryllis grows best in soil. They often come with planting kits. The top of this plant often becomes heavy, so if you plant it in a light plastic pot then you will most-likely have to move it to a heavier pot. Once the flowers have bloomed, the remains of the Amaryllis can be treated like a house plant, and it will grow for many years.

[Via: The Willits News]

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