5 Ways to Make a Flower Bouquet Fun

Giving that special someone a bouquet of their favourite flowers is always a welcome surprise. But if you feel like that usual flower bouquet needs a bit of a boost, there are few things you can do to give a beautiful bouquet an added touch.


  1. A bottle of wine: giving roses with a bottle of wine will make that surprise, classy and it also gives you the chance to share this treat with the recipient, giving you quality time together.

  3. Gourmet snacks: Not everyone enjoys wine; we all know the straightest route to the heart is through the stomach! Sending flowers with a tasty snack is an especially great treat to send to a gentleman recipient. But we can all appreciate some sumptuous pate and crackers.

  5. Cuddly toys: Sometimes flowers just do not seem to last long enough. This is why sending a bouquet with a teddy bear or some other cute stuffed animal can be a great way to help your message of love stand the test of time.

  7. Gardening accessories: It can be quiet difficult to send someone with a green-thumb the proper floral gift, as they might already have a garden full of the most beautiful flowers. This is when a bouquet accompanied with gardening gloves or any other gardening accessories can be a great choice. They will receive the flowers they love, and something to help them continue their work outdoors.

  9. Balloons with a Message: for a recipient with a joyful and light-hearted personality, a single red rose and a balloon saying ’I love you’ can be the perfect gift. The balloon will also out-last the flower, and make the recipient smile.

Flowers24hours.co.uk, has a number of special bouquet and gift sets available, anywhere from tasty treats to fruit baskets and flowers. All you need to do is tap into your fun side and you will have that special someone smiling in not time. Have your bouquet and fun gift delivered anywhere in the UK next-day and same-day in London. Have fun with your flowers!!

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