5 Flowers That Say “I Love You”

Flowers represent both beauty and romance; because of this they are the perfect way to express feelings of love. Lilies are commonly used as flowers that can help someone express sympathy or send condolences. Beyond times of sadness, flowers also help express happiness and admiration. As far back as Victorian Times people have used flowers as a means to add a touch of romance to their lives. Flowers are ideal for anyone that has difficulty verbalizing how they feel, as they allow the sender to say “I Love You” without words.

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Looking back through the annals of time, tulips were one of the first flowers that were with romantic inclinations. What tulips are considered perfect for in modern society is an initial declaration of love. Giving a meaningful bouquet of tulips can show someone that it is time to take the next step in a relationship. Those looking for a romantic gesture that will leave the recipient with fond memories of a blossoming relationship should give a bouquet of tulips.

Purple Roses

Red roses have long represented love, but they certainly aren’t the only roses that carry romantic overtones. While they may be considered slightly alternative, there is no denying that “I Love You” comes through in the gift of a boisterous bunch of purple roses. What purple as a colour signifies is enchantment, something that love undoubtedly can be. Use purple roses to show that special someone that they are unique, just like a lovely gift of purple flowers.  

Peruvian Lilies

Sometimes listed as alstroemeria, Peruvian lilies are quite possibly the most versatile flower included on this list. Coming to prominence during the 1800s, the flower is one that symbolises both commitment and devotion. These are two factors that contribute to a successful relationship, and as such they should be celebrated at every available opportunity. The perfect way to celebrate devotion to a loved one is to hand them a bouquet packed with beautiful Peruvian lilies.

Baby’s Breath

While in the eyes of some baby’s breath is very much an old fashioned flower, there is no denying its classic credentials. Its long-life and dainty nature lends itself to the theme of ever-lasting love, making it the perfect flower to say “I Will Love You Forever” with. Another key use for baby’s breath is to add additional texture and fullness to an already established bouquet.

Red Rose

It is nearly impossible to compile a complete list of romantic flowers without giving red roses the attention that they have earned and deserve. No flower past or present has ever lent itself to the language of love more than the red rose. Symbolising true and unrelenting love, as well as the deep connection between two people, no other flower will do when it comes to romance. Classic, passionate, every-lasting, and eternal, red roses are the premiere way to say “I Love You” in a gesture that is recognised globally.  

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