4 interesting things you should know about Roses.


Rose Buttonhole

Flower of England but the rose is also the international flower of love and the perfect choice of gift for a loved one

  • In 2006 a survey stated that 49% of the general public said that roses were their favourite flowers, ahead of lilies with 21% of the vote. We at flowers24hours find our rose products are always top sellers, especially the stunning ‘So Romantic’ and ‘The Best White Roses’ bouquets which are the perfect romantic gifts for a loved one.
  • The UK rose season runs from May to September, although growth tends to slow down with a lot of rain. The designers at flowers24hours believe that ‘Roeraie de L’Hay’ is the first variety to flower and is best in decorative arrangements. ‘For bouquets and posies, the season’s first bloom is ‘Margaret Merrill’
  • Grand Prix still seems to be the nation’s favourite rose, with more than nine million red roses given every Valentines days, Our single rose best priced ‘Love in a box’ products always seems to be the winning item on our website all year around.
  • Other shades have their own symbolism too. White means purity, secrecy and charm. Pink/peach means happiness, admiration and grace. Yellow means freedom, joy and friendship. Orange means desire. Lavender and lilac mean enchantment and love at first sight. The beautiful item ‘Moulin Rouge is a stunning bouquet that mixes all the colours given you all the signs of happiness.

Have your roses delivered in same-day in London or anywhere in the UK next-day. And let the bouquets do the rest of the talking!


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