Springtime Flower Shows You Won’t Want to Miss

Spring is practically in the air. With it comes the sweet scent of flowers, warmer weather, longer days, and perhaps even an influx of perfumed passerby as people begin spending more time outside. All in all, it’s pleasant time of year as we shift from winter into the spring season. To celebrate, and keep those good feelings coming, you definitely want to check out some of the hottest flower shows and gardens, whether it’s a London flower show or around the globe

Take a trip to Melbourne for the International Flower and Garden Show

Make your way down into the southern hemisphere for an illustrious, floral autumn in the Aussie outdoors. In Melbourne, Australia, his event not only features the expected but no less stunning floral displays and garden exhibitions, but you’ll also find floral fashion shows, floral design workshops, art sales, crafts and more!

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show

These lovely little blossoms and garden displays are so worth a visit at the Royal Horticulture Society Chelsea Flower Show, which runs for five days beginning at the end of May 2018, from the 22nd to the 26th. This year features gardens dedicated to health and wellbeing, night time music, as well as boughs, flower beds and blossoms magically lit for an entertaining evening.

The Fabulous Orchid Show in Santa Barbara

Make your way States-side if you want to drink the oh so lovely spectacle of orchids. Special cultivators of rare flowers species come to display flowers and orchids from as far as South America and parts of Asia. This show begins in early March, so while it’s too late this time around, you can still get an awesome deal on airfare for next year!

Mosaic Gardens in the Netherlands

These beautiful mosaic floral creations spell out romantic messages and even recreate the paintings of famous Dutch artists. Don’t miss out! The Keukenhof garden, in Amsterdam, is open every day from March 13th through May 22nd. This year you can feast your eyes on over 7 million bulbs, with 800 varieties of tulips.

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