Decorated Christmas Tree Designs and Flashy Colour Schemes in 2017

Need a little Christmas tree assistance? Perhaps a real Christmas delivery to the rescue? Never fear. Decorated Christmas trees (with delivery in London!) are another one of our specialities, along with coming up with a stunning array of interior design and home decor ideas. As an early holiday gift from Todich Floral Design and in the spirit of all the good season’s tiding to come, we wanted to share a number of beautiful colour combinations for your Christmas tree this holiday season

Evergreen and chestnut (chocolate brown) colour combinations

Whether or not you decide to get your real Christmas tree delivered, you can decorate the tree itself with the natural colours of the pine woods and evergreen forest from which it came. This simple look blends earthy sensibility and heart(h) warming ornaments, with complementary acorns, pine cones, bronze and gold orbs, and beige or creamy-winged angels.

Honeydew, mint cream and azure

Variations on the white green, creamy white hue and vibrant blue colour schemes, this Christmas colour combo will no doubt add excitement to your holiday decorations. Better yet, if you like bright colours, this theme is proof that your real Christmas tree need not be draped in red, or stuck with the glittery metallics you find in traditional bronze, silver and gold ornaments.

Crisp white and mocha

Is it possible to be classic and unconventional at the same time? With this flexible Christmas colour scheme it is! If you do want to keep things simple, then a plain decorative approach will come out just fine. If you instead find yourself needing to add a posh splash or two to your tree, try a bright contrast with scintillating gem tones and blue, or pink, rose, cherry or candy red.  

Coral, violet and royal purple

Coral doesn’t need to be saved for your next visit to the seaside or when you finally get to try snorkeling. If you fancy the unconventional and don’t mind shocking the in-laws this holiday season, then you might go for a light pink coral colour scheme as the main backdrop for your real Christmas tree, with accents of violet and purple to temper all that brightness.

Hot pink, crisp mint, stark white and cherry

Christmas colours with a candy cane twist–combining peppermint and spearmint into one daring, dazzling holiday display. Metallic accents with ornaments, glitter and tinsel can be used to deck out the boughs of this tree if you’re feeling especially brazen or a tad bit sweet, and wish to surprise anyone who happens to walk through your door.

Champagne and aqua against a white backdrop

It’s a twist on classic holiday colour combinations red and blue, achieved by dropping intense red for a lighter pink champagne hue and the green blue colouration of aqua. Not only will this Christmas colour scheme put you in a cheery mood and make you ready to toast with a bit of bubbly, but your guests will love the creative, energetic vibe it brings into the room.

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