12 Days of Christmas Flower Arrangements

Where’s your Christmas spirit? Getting ready for the holidays starts at home. From online florist Flowers24Hours, we’ve brought you this stunning, carol-inspired list of 12 gorgeous Christmas flowers.


Holly is symbolic of everlasting life and light, dating back to the time of the Druids. Holly’s bright red berries and rich evergreen leaves will leave you full of Christmas cheer!

Mistletoe. Originally this Christmas plant was symbolic of fertility. Now it’s good luck to kiss beneath the hanging plant. Combine Douglas fir, holly and red ribbon, branches and angel ornaments in a wreath for a beautiful Christmas decoration..

Rosemary. This woody herb plant, with its needle-like leaves, has found its way into the Nativity story and represents the Christmas tree in miniature. It’s thought to bring good luck. Allow its fragrance to permeate your home!

Jasmine. Winter jasmine is perhaps a lesser known winter flower, but certainly is more than able to tide you over until spring. Its tiny yellow petals, long shoots and strong scent make it perfect for placing in DIY winter flower arrangements around your home.

Narcissi. Delicate, sweet white narcissi—or “paperwhites”—are not just adorable, but like little snowflakes you can use them as Christmas decorations. Bring them indoors without worrying they’ll melt. You’ll be glad to have their lasting beauty all through Christmas.

Poinsettia. Poinsettias practically shout It’s Christmas! One of the most iconic of Christmas flowers and plants, poinsettias with their bright red and dark green leaves won’t leave you wanting in the winter months. They’re wonderful for decoration by windowsills and around your hearth.

Amaryllis. Another red, boisterous flower that stands tall, Amaryllis is wonderful in bouquets or as a single stemmed flower, white or red, in a vase and centrepiece for Christmas dinner. Its captivating blossoms will fill your home, kitchen and dining room with a special seasonal beauty.

Clematis. Clematis are lobed, glossy evergreen climbers—actually coming from the Mediterranean—and they do quite well inside during winter. Their creamy white and red-splashed petals are ideally suited to the holidays and themed for Christmas.

Iris. Algerian irises are genial, purple and lavender flowers. Soft blue buds begin to open up around November. By the time December rolls around, their broad petals, with yellow and white trumpet pattern centers, make exquisite additions to any winter flower bouquets. You can also place them in wicker baskets or choose to decorate your bannister.

Skimmia. Tight, pale green adorable buds and darker green leaves share similar colours to mistletoe. In vases this flower works as the perfect filler and can also be laid out as table decoration.

Galanthus. These lavender dewdrops are precious gifts all on their own. Heavy, fragile and soft buds sway beautifully from slender stems.

Christmas tree. Don’t forget about your Christmas tree. Select what feels best to you and your family: Douglas fir, Balsam fir trees, Scotch or White pine, and more—there are so many different trees to choose from. Merry Christmas!

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