10 Valentines Tips for Men

“In spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love” to quote Alfred, Lord Tennyson in Locksley Hall. And as the new year melts the snow, flowers appear in parks and gardens and it is Valentines Day again. The perfect opportunity for expressing your love without embarrassment involves cards, gifts and flowers. To make sure that you get it right follow the tips below.

1. If you don’t know her very well flowers are usually acceptable to everyone. Red roses are traditional, but you may want to be more adventurous. Think of the colours she likes, or add a cuddly toy, or chocolates (provided she has not publically declared herself to be dieting)

2. Don’t forget a card message. It is traditional not to sign these, but it is good to make sure she knows it’s you so use a catchphrase or give a hint. Quote poetry or songs that mean something to her.

3. Make the message short and to the point, don’t write an epic, and remember to add xxx for kisses.

4. The date does matter. You may think it would be more convenient to drop the card off the day before or to deliver flowers on the Friday, but this is missing the point.

5. If planning a meal out book well in advance as places get very busy. Expect to pay more than usual at any restaurant.

6. If giving underwear (only to your partner) do make sure it’s the right size. Sneak at look at the sizes on things she actually wears before you go shopping.

7. Perfume can be a winner as it will last longer than flowers or chocolates.

8. Reserve some time to be together on the day. She will appreciate you spending time with her. So plan a special dinner or even a weekend away.

9. Keep any gift hidden. It’s got to be a surprise. Ordering from a gift delivery company means it’s not in the house to be discovered.

10. Combined gifts can be good value and make sure she has something she wants such as a romantic package of Teddy Bear, Chocolates and a Rose.

Other ideas for gifts include jewellery, champagne, poetry, plants, bubblebath and spa sets, “experience day” vouchers, floral arrangements  and gourmet baskets. And most of all, your love!

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