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Beautiful tulips can be a great gift for any occasion. We offer you various choices, ranging from hand-tied bouquets to vase arrangements. Jewel bright colours bring out the beauties of Spring! These classical favourites were once so greatly valued that the price of bulbs made men's fortunes and caused bankruptcies. Imported colours and shapes were traded at top prices on the stock exchange, and everyoone sought the fabled black tulip. We deliver directly to the recipient with same day delivery in London and next day delivery throughout mainland UK.

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Mother of Mine
Mother of Mine

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Originally from Asia Minor, now refined and grown in Holland, these flowers come in various vivid colours. We source only the freshest tulips directly from the growers, so you know that you'll be sending a tulip bouquet that will amaze the recipient with its vivacity and freshness.

Tulips are one of the most versatile flowers. They are the first to bloom in spring, so we can’t help but associate them with warmth and new life. Tulips also have a deeper, passionate meaning which can make them a great replacement for that standard bouquet of roses.

Tulips Care

Tulips are easy to take care of and with a few simple flower-care tricks, a bouquet of these beauties can last for quite a long time. When you get your tulips you should cut their stems off at an angle, and put them in fresh room temperature water. The water should have a drop or two of bleach in it to keep bacteria from growing. The water your tulips are in should be changed daily to give them a longer lifetime. Do not go easy on the water as water is something that tulips really enjoy!

One of the best ways to present a bouquet of tulips is to have them placed in a tall glass vase. This brings out the simple beauty of their blooms and draws attention to the tall stems of this beautiful flower.

However, if the tulips are arranged properly they can look great in just about any shape of container. At flowers24hours, Spring in a Pot is a great example of how to get creative with tulips. This tall stemmed flower is arranged superbly in an aluminum pot. The sweet round gerbera daisies are a great complement to the elegant tulip blooms.

Tulips are a great flower for showing your feelings of passion. The One and Only combines two of the most romantic flowers in one hand-tied arrangement. A single stem red rose is framed with a sea of tulips. This will show that special lady exactly how special a place she holds in your heart.

Tulips are easy to love and great for showing love!