Variety in the Garden for a Greater Impact in the Spring

When we picture spring we usually think of fields of daffodils and tulips. However, this is not a realistic picture — in the garden, cluster, not fields make the vision that we call spring.

Variety in the Garden for a Greater Impact in the Spring

A gardener should think of planting a variety of flowers in clusters, which may not be the common way of doing things, but it can be just as lovely as planting masses of one type of flower.

It is never a good idea to plant your bulbs in a row like toy soldiers, as clumps of flowers give a more cheery note to any garden. There are several flowers you can consider.

  • Ixia is a bulb from South Africa which blooms from spring to early summer. It is a great complement of bigger flowers as it gives them some accent.
  • The allium caeruleum is a blue-flowered ornamental onion, which is quite stunning if it planted with roses.
  • Allium moly or “Jeannine” blooms in late may, grows to about a four feet and has sunny yellow balls of flower heads. This flower mixes in very well with hardy geraniums or rambling roses.

Basically it is just important to remember that having variety adds more interest to your garden.


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