La décoration florale de votre mariage


Lors de la décoration florale de votre mariage vous avez deux solutions:

- utilisé de fleurs artificielles : les progrès ont fait que le look et le touché de ces dernières sont quasi similaire aux vrais fleurs. De plus, les fleurs pourront être réutilisées pour d’autres occasions voir la décoration …

Coutumes Francaises de Fleur


- Le 14 février : La St Valentin: période dite “des amoureux” pendant laquelle il est d’usage d’offrir des fleurs a sa compagne (des roses rouges généralement).

- Le dimanche des Rameaux: Le dimanche avant Pâques les catholiques vont à l’église avec une petite branche de rameau ou de buis (un arbuste avec de très petites feuilles).

- Le …

Tasty flowers


It may seem hard to believe but flowers are not just pretty to look at and to pick, they are actually good to eat too.
Nasturtiums and courgette flowers can be used in savoury dishes and candied violet or rose petals are popular in cakes or desserts.
Spring blossoms used to be very popular to eat. Nowadays, we only eat the stems, …

L’Histoire du Parfum


L’histoire du parfum remonte à l’antiquité. Tirant ces premières origines de l’Egypte ancienne, le parfum a traversé les âges. Utilisé dans un but sacré en tant qu’offrande aux Dieux, il devint très vite un élixir de bien être ayant des vertus thérapeutiques, purificatrices, d’envoutement et de séduction. Rome est alors la capitale du parfum et celui-ci prendra de l’importance avec …

The Ozark Fair is Months Away but Planting has Already Started


The residents of Ozark are eagerly awaiting the Ozark Empire Fair. Though there is still a bit of a wait for that event, flowers are already being planted to give the fairgrounds a fresh spring look.

This weekend about 12,000 flowers were planted with the help of 48 volunteers.
The grounds are best known for their beautiful flowers, which is why the …

Freeze Dried Flowers Last Forever


Perpetual Petals is a store owned by Julie Loukas, which she opened after she had three years ago. One night she was watching a show on Home and Garden Television where a woman was using a table-top freeze-drying machine. She was showing the process of making flowers that last forever.

Loukas got down to work and started doing some extensive research. …

Orchid Show in Montana


The state of Montana has about 30 species of the beautiful and exotic orchid; hikers can give themselves a visual treat just by going on a walk.
This Sunday the Great Divide Orchid Society is holding its annual show at Capital Hill Mall.
Jim Jensen of Kuna, Idaho, and also the presenter at the show, loves the colours of orchids and was …

Odds on favourite!


Here are some more flower customs and superstitions that it could be useful to know about.
Let’s get down to numbers. In some countries it is customary to give an even number of flowers, in others odd numbers. In eastern Europe, the old European tradition of always giving an odd number of flowers is still followed today, all …

The Power of Flowers


Flowers are not only fragrant decorations for the home or garden, they are also a symbol of life and also have the power to heal.
You may think only hippies would use flower essences to become harmonious but in truth many cultures have used flower remedies to promote healing. These remedies for well-being have been used in Ancient Egypt, India, Asia, …

The Orchid Cactus, a Flower with a Huge Fan Base


The Orchid Cactus is one of those plants that you usually won’t notice when walking through a garden. It has long branches that are fairly disheveled and it is not really the most beautiful sight most of the year round. From February to June, this flower becomes a sight for sore eyes. When it blooms it has large bright colored …