Card messages for the bereaved


Finding the right words at the time of a funeral can be one of the most difficult things to do. Here follows a few verses that may help the bereaved to find a suitable verse.
Silent thoughts
Secret tears
A simple wish that you were here.
In heavenly love abiding
Though our days together are over
I will remember you always with love.
Treasured Memories
Mine is but …

Booming Organic Flower Business


Matt Gerald has a business that is literally growing. He has quite a few gardens and they are all blooming while he has gotten to the point where he only has to watch.

Mr. Gerald’s Sweet Pea Farm is located near Bar Harbor, which consists of four large greenhouses. In his greenhouses he grows vegetables all year round and flowers for …

Rare Flowers Damaged by Roadwork


A critically endangered site of flowers, Wimmera, has been damaged by Horsham Rural City Council roadwork — an incident that is being investigated by The Department of Sustainability and Environment.
Pauline Rudolf, department threatened species officer, said there are only two known sites of Wimmera rice-flowers, one in Natimuk and one in Minyip.
Until 2005, the plant had been thought to be …

Easy to Grow Rudbeckias


The rudbeckia is a type of perennial that blooms for a long time. This is a flower, which is loved by both veteran gardeners and novice gardeners, is reliable and very “high performance.”

Rudbeckias are colourful and easy to grow — this is why they have had a huge impact on the gardening world.
The most popular type of rudbeckia is called …

Spectacular Annual Garden Tour


Instead of using oil paints and a canvas to paint, Marilyn Tooley uses flowers as a form of artistic expression or “paint.”
Her garden in West Island, Montreal, will be open to viewers next week, so that everyone can see the beauty she has created.

The Beaconsfield Garden Club is holding it’s annual Garden tour to raise money for West Island NOVA …

Anything Goes in Nancy Ondra's Garden


Nancy J. Ondra is a talented gardener and well-known writer. She lives in southeastern Philadelphia in a home she has named Hayefield as it was built on such a field. She brought her property from her parents who had gotten it from her grandfather who used to farm that 40 acres of land.

Ms. Ondra loves to play with colour combinations …

Give Your Garden a Makeover Instantly


Sometimes, it does not matter how hard or carefully you work on your garden you still end up with nasty bare patches. There are, however, a few simple tricks to help you spruce up your garden and have it looking like it has had a complete makeover.
Usually bare patches occur at that point in time when one flower has wilted …

Flowers Designed for Flood Win Silver


At the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show a Cheltenam flower bed representing a flood theme won the silver award.
This flower bed has a helicopter that is making a landing a man made of wicker saving another figure made of wicker and sandbags.
Last year around the end of July, Gloucestershire was overwhelmed with floods, so this year’s flower show coincides with …

Turning your Hydrangea plant blue


If you’re growing Hydrangea Marcrophylla (French Hydrangea) you can turn it from pink to blue by lowering the pH level of your soil. The colour is determined by the amount of aluminium available to the plant. Add 3 to 4 tablespoons of aluminium sulphate to a gallon of water. Apply it 2 times, 2 weeks apart, for …

Pinched by Pollen


Scientists are using lily pollen as a way of trapping criminals by linking them to weapons and ammunition.
We all know how hard it can be sometimes to remove lily pollen from carpets, cushions, etc. That is why here at we always remove the pollen from any opened lily blossoms before we send them out to the customer.  Then …