Bel Air Full of Lotuses


The Lotus festival in Echo Park did not see many lotuses this year as they bloomed poorly in that area. However, in the Hannah Carter Japanese Garden is seeing an abundance of the aquatic flower. This garden is a part of UCLA, and entrance can only be gained by appointment.
Most people will recognize a lotus flower with its large pink …

Hydrangeas are Turning a Shade of Pink


There are a few new developments in the world of hydrangeas. These flowers give us lovely and luscious blooms each summer, with this summer being an exception as they are appearing in pink.
This flower is usually known for its blue coloured flowers, but this year the pink variety will be grabbing all the attention.
There is a “big leaf,” group of …

Reasons to send Flowers


Five of the most common reasons people send flowers are to say thank you, I’m sorry, congratulations, get well and  express sympathy.
* Thank You
Ask your florist for an arrangement conveying a casual, hand-picked feeling, to say thank you with a very personal touch. In addition to a beautiful statement of thanks, the accompanying note card can say everything that is …

Florist of Arabia


An Edinburgh botanist has just been honoured by the Saudi government for decades of conservation work in the country. He is now nicknamed Florist of Arabia.
Tony Miller, the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh’s specialist on the flora of Arabia, was presented with a honorary plaque from Prince Bander Bin Saud Bin Mohammad, on behalf of the country’s National Commission for Wildlife …

Mining Celebrated With a Display of Flowers


It is very unlikely that you would associate the dirty and difficult work of mining with flowers. As part of an environmental project, Doncaster schoolchildren decided to celebrate this difficult profession with a colourful display of flowers.
These youngsters created a flower bed that depicted a coal truck.
The students go assistance by staff from Doncaster Council’s east area neighbourhood to support …

Angelina Jolie’s twins welcomed with flowers


Flowers are a great gift for a new mother.
The day after Angelina Jolie‘s twins were born, she received another special delivery: Flowers from each of her children!
Maddox, 6, Pax, 4, Zahara, 3, and 2-year-old Shiloh (accompanied by proud dad Brad Pitt) each handed mom a single flower, much to the joy of hospital staff at Fondation Lenval in Nice, …

Flowers That Grow out of Paper


The Oakthrift Corporation has come up with a new and innovative idea – cards with seeds in them.

This card is called “The Plant-It” and it is a paper card that has seeds embedded into it. The card is made of 100% re-cycled paper, the inks are soy-base, and pigments are completely organic and grow into flowers when planted.
This product has …

40 Million Potted Flowers for Beijing


According to a press briefing this Tuesday Beijing has prepared 40 million potted flowers which will be decorating streets and Olympic venues.

The flowers will be placed around the Olympic village and hotels, as well as the airport expressway, ring roads, Tiananmen Square and other Olympic venues.
Wang Sumei, vice director of Beijing Landscape Forestation Bureau said, “July and August are usually …

Add Colour to Your Mid-Summer Garden


By this time in the summer, most flowers in the garden have bloomed and from this point onward only maintenance is required.

However, you may feel that your garden is starting to lack energy. There are some plant combination that can revitalize your garden.
Combining foliage and flowers, especially a bit more foliage as it is vibrant for a long time, can …

Get Creative When Gardening


Gardening doesn’t take much time and it can do a lot of good for your mind and your body.
You don’t have to have a big yard to create a wonderful garden. By using containers you can grow flowers, vegetables and herbs, according to Nora Bryan, a garden consultant from Calgary.

Container gardening and hanging baskets are the best solution when you …