Spring and Flowers in the Land Down-Under


Those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, know in the back of our minds that the warm days of summer are over. However at the other end of the world in Sydney, Australia the streets of the city are just starting to bloom with the colours of spring.
They are also feeling the changes in weather and Australians are experiencing …

Flowers FAQ’s Part II


FAQ’s are the questions very frequently asked by our customers. These questions are answered according to our product and services displayed at our site. There are several good reasons why you should have properly updated FAQ’s.

FAQ clears out any confusion your customer might have about buying your product and services. Keep in mind, …

The Things that Chew on Your Flowers


This is the time of year when you will notice that many of your plants and flowers are getting chewed on by something. There are many pests that will feed on your annual flowers and your perennials, attacking both the leaves and the blossoms.

There has been a lot of rain this year, so slugs are really on the move. They …

Crafting the Perfect Atmosphere with Wedding Flowers


The flowers you choose for your wedding will really have an impact on what kind of atmosphere you create. There are many factors that need to be considered, to help you decide how much or how little you will spend.

The first and most important step is to do an inspection of the site of the wedding with your florist. The …

An Easy Flower to Grow – the Scarlett Tassel


The Scarlett tassel is a type of flower that is half an inch in diameter and which truly reminds one of shaving brush or a tassel.
The flowers of this plant are bright red as the name indicates. This flower seeds itself making it very easy to grow. The seeds mature and are usually blown off by the wind, similar to …

Flowers FAQ’s Part I


The purpose of FAQ’s is to provide the internet users with quick and easy references or answers to their queries. Your company provides many product and service to the customers. This product may require lots of instructions to assemble, tips to use efficiently, or simply requires lots of questions to be answered before it can be used. What are the …

Flowers to Combat Energy Crisis


Gas prices are rising by the day but one farmer has found his solution to the problem in flowers.
Keith Armstrong plans to convert sunflowers into biofuel and he has started planting already.

He explains: “The main reason I decided to plant sunflowers is to see if the process is economically feasible. Five dollars a gallon for diesel fuel is just too …

Dried Flowers Preserving the Beauty of Summer


Both visually and sensually, flowers used in potpourri or dried flowers provide beauty in the home.
Carrie Lovett of Clarke County dries flowers just for fun and her hobby has also become part of her business – Carrie’s Creations.
She arranges dried flowers for herself in vases and she says: “for my business, I do cards and picture frames.”
Even though Lovett has …

The Benefits of Deadheading Flowers


Deadheading is when you remove flowers that have faded or die, without letting them set seeds.
This is generally seen to be a good idea as flowers that have their heads taken off will only produce extra growth hormones, which in turn creates a new flush of luscious flowers. Since seeds are not produced the flower’s energy is directed towards producing …

The Mood Enhancing Sunflower


If you want to add a little brightness to your life the best way to do it is to plant some lovely sunflowers in your garden. They are the happy flower because of their broad, bobbing, and inviting faces.

Mary Barlett, owner of Barlett Meadows says, “I don’t know anyone who doesn’t smile when they see a sunflower.”
Barlett grows other varieties …