Flowers That Grow out of Paper


The Oakthrift Corporation has come up with a new and innovative idea – cards with seeds in them.

This card is called “The Plant-It” and it is a paper card that has seeds embedded into it. The card is made of 100% re-cycled paper, the inks are soy-base, and pigments are completely organic and grow into flowers when planted.
This product has …

40 Million Potted Flowers for Beijing


According to a press briefing this Tuesday Beijing has prepared 40 million potted flowers which will be decorating streets and Olympic venues.

The flowers will be placed around the Olympic village and hotels, as well as the airport expressway, ring roads, Tiananmen Square and other Olympic venues.
Wang Sumei, vice director of Beijing Landscape Forestation Bureau said, “July and August are usually …

Add Colour to Your Mid-Summer Garden


By this time in the summer, most flowers in the garden have bloomed and from this point onward only maintenance is required.

However, you may feel that your garden is starting to lack energy. There are some plant combination that can revitalize your garden.
Combining foliage and flowers, especially a bit more foliage as it is vibrant for a long time, can …

Get Creative When Gardening


Gardening doesn’t take much time and it can do a lot of good for your mind and your body.
You don’t have to have a big yard to create a wonderful garden. By using containers you can grow flowers, vegetables and herbs, according to Nora Bryan, a garden consultant from Calgary.

Container gardening and hanging baskets are the best solution when you …

Angelina Jolie Overwhelmed with Flowers


Angelina Jolie gave birth in a hospital in Nice, France last Saturday. The staff of the hospital were emotionally overwhelmed when the superstar’s children each gave her flowers.
Brad Pitt, now father of five, brought rest of their children into the hospital, Maddox, 6; Pax, 4; Zahara, 3; and 2-year-old Shiloh gave their mother one flower each.
One of the employees of …

Flower Gods: Iris


The history of the iris flower is very rich and varied. In Greek mythology, Iris was the Queen of the gods’ (Hera’s) personal messenger. She was also the embodiment of the rainbow.  Her swift wings we renowned for their speed and she had the uncanny ability to be where she was mostly needed at the right time.
Ancient …

Get well soon flowers


Flowers are a popular way of expressing one’s love and devotion for a person. They are also a much appreciated way of sending one’s best wishes for a speedy recovery.
In ancient times, flowers were thought to have magical powers and healing properties. Some flowers were thought to have been created from the blood of gods and …

Flower gods: Narcissus


Long ago, in the Golden age of the Hellenic period lived a beautiful youth: Narcissus. His beauty and grace broke many hearts and despairing sighs followed him wherever he went. His cruelty towards his admirers caused them to curse him and wish he fall in love with someone as inaccessible as he was to others and …

A New Color for the Waitrose


Pink waitroses started selling on the British market due to high demand, which is their first in the span of 10 years.
This bloom is related to the carnation but is quite a bit smaller. Its fragrance is what it is most well-known for, and has hit the market on July 14th.
There are several wonderfully scented varieties for sale like Gran’s …

Flower gods: Hyacinth


In ancient legends the demigods, often the children of a god and a human woman, were used in many tales. Some were the personifications of flowers …
Hyacinth was a beautiful youth beloved by the god Apollo The two took turns throwing the discus until Apollo, to impress his beloved, threw it with all his might. Hyacinth ran to catch it, …