Burglar Smooths Things Over With Flowers


In England, a robber repentant for his wrongdoing toward an elderly victim, sent her a bouquet of flowers as a way to apologize for giving her a fright, according to police.
A note and a bouquet of flowers were sent to a rather frazzled 91-year-old woman, following the events of October 9th, when she had confronted a burglar in her home …

Orange Cosmos a Delightful Annual


If you are looking for a flower that handles neglect well then the Orange Cosmos is the best option for you.
This annual is a native of Mexico and the Southwest and is extremely easy to grow. In some places this hardiness is not so much appreciated as it is seen as an intruder, but in cooler climates it is an …

Flowers and Candlelight for Long Nights


The nights are officially getting longer, and in order to draw attention to your flowers it is a good idea to consider using candles.

Floral foam is one of the traditional materials used for candle arrangements. Usually, the candle is secured in the middle of the arrangement and the flowers are set around it.
A more modern idea is to put …

A Tough Flower to Grow Featured at Fall Orchid Festival


73-year-old Richard Sipko is called the “Cattleya King,” he has been growing Cattleya orchids for 45 years. It started with a request for a garden from his mother, which is when he realised he had a talent and liking for growing flowers.

Sipko recalls, “Everything I tried to grow, grew. I read an article about a woman in Wyoming who grew …

The Phipps Conservatory Features Chrysanthemums


As a part of the “Chocolate” exhibit at the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Philadelphia, chrysanthemums are taking on the spotlight as a new fall addition to the exhibit.
A kaleidoscope of chrysanthemums are on display as a part of the Fall Flower Show, which opened this weekend. There are standard-size mums, potted mums, cascading mums and spider mums. …

Bulbs – an Essential Element for Your Garden


Bulbs are one of the most useful things that any gardener can get their hands on. This year the range is greater than ever.

This is the perfect time to get them, as planting and gardening centers are offering a huge array of bulbs and tubers. If you have a small garden there are many great choices to go for.
Glory of …

Variety in the Garden for a Greater Impact in the Spring


When we picture spring we usually think of fields of daffodils and tulips. However, this is not a realistic picture — in the garden, cluster, not fields make the vision that we call spring.

A gardener should think of planting a variety of flowers in clusters, which may not be the common way of doing things, but it can be just …

The Flower Lady


Marian Miller is a 92-year-old woman, who has been entering flowers in the New Holland Farmer’s Fair for about a half a century.
Wednesday was a big day for her as it was judging day. “The Flower Lady” is how she is known at the fair and though she is only 4-foot-6 she is quit a powerful force in the world …

Trendy Violas


Violas are the latest trend for fall planting this year. Spreading or trailing violas are what you should keep your eyes open for. They are the best for mixed containers, window boxes and landscape.
A couple of years ago, the Violina series made its debut and since then it has seen a lot of popularity. This year there are new members …

Painting Flowers for a Living


Christopher Ryland, a Sudbury artist, was told in his early years that he would be better off pickling shark meat than painting. Regardless, he went to the prestigious Goldsmith’s College, where his tutor tried to steer him down the path of conceptual art.
Christopher did not listen to his tutor once again, he was more drawn to the intricate colours of …